True intimacy is at the heart of a healthy union. One definition of intimacy is to be fully known, while being fully loved, and fully accepted for who we are. Healthy relationships take work. They are never stagnant, therefore they are, at varying rates, continually becoming closer or drifting apart.

If your desire is to bolster your intimate partner relationship, we’ll explore what existing strengths are already in place, by considering what has worked while navigating difficulties in the past. We’ll identify barriers that may be impeding a fulfilling relationship, and discover counter-productive things that have been contributing to the problem. We will collaborate on putting new skills in place for enhancing communication and emotional connection.

Utilizing Emotionally Focused Therapy, an evidence-based treatment for relational distress, you as a couple will learn a new “dance” to make meaningful improvements for connection.

By participating in couple’s counseling you are intentionally taking steps toward a healthier, more satisfying union.