Without a doubt, the most common complaint of clients is relational trouble. Dysfunctional relationships take the biggest toll on our emotional well-being because relationship is so central to our quality of life. This includes our relationship with ourselves. Making improvements in this area is done, in part, through self-exploration, learning healthy boundaries, and enhancing communication skills.

Navigating life transitions

Humans hate change, yet change is the one thing we’re sure to have throughout life. There are exciting changes such as becoming a parent for the first time, or devastating ones, such as a divorce, or disability. Regardless of severity, there are adjustments that need to be made with each transition and help is often needed for navigating forward in beneficial ways.

Mental Health and Other Concerns

Mental health involves a wide range of concerns, and there are a multitude of ways symptoms can be well managed. Common concerns include, but are not limited to, depression and other mood disorders, anxiety, trauma and other stressor-related disorders.

Other concerns may involve the desire for personal growth, improving parenting skills, processing a loss, or exploring spirituality.

Age Groups

I therapeutically serve adolescents (14 years to 19 years), adults (20-64), and elders (65 years and above). I believe each age group has its unique characteristics and I draw upon Erik Erikson’s eight psychosocial stages of development to guide my work. Erikson maintains that over the course of a lifetime, each stage is faced with an emotional need to be met before progressing to the next developmental stage. Therefore, when working with adolescents I’m keenly aware of the need to establish one’s identity. When working with adults, I’m cognizant of the needs for intimacy and generativity. Working with those in their twilight years, I’m sensitive to the need for ego integrity, having a sense of satisfaction with the totality of life and what can be left behind for the next generation.


Although clients come for a variety of reasons, my focus has turned to empowering women as they explore issues of self-esteem, co-dependency, assertiveness, and boundary development. Domestic Violence has arisen as a recurrent theme and I delight in witnessing life changing transformation take place through education and emotional processing